Official Parking no. 1

Colonel Denning State Park - Pennsylvania

You may have noticed that recently my uploads have come in waves of three. Like most things in my life, there is a reason behind it. Lately, I’ve been questioning my motivation for, well, everything. But in this post I’ll stick to just my photography.

Originally photography was merely a means to an ends. Flashback 15 years and I’m in a hip hop group with some friends. We were really doing it so we desperately needed some new profile pics for our MySpace pages. You know the shots. Thousand-yard gaze. No smiling. Just a bunch of serious staring.

We couldn’t afford a proper photographer so I volunteered to stand in. With my borrowed camera, I instructed everyone to fix their gaze on the horizon. The invaders were encroaching but we were frozen in place. Aaaaand, click! I pressed the shutter, ran around the camera, crouched, and took my place in the front. B-boy stance on lock! Snap! Shutter activated…