Rest Stop

RV, travel trailer, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, street photography

Up first from ASOT 00002 | Mechanicsburg is the photograph I’m calling “Rest Stop”. I found a nice sized travel trailer parked in the shadows on an industrial looking building not far from downtown. Actually, I’m not sure where downtown Mechanicsburg starts and ends, so I guess this could be downtown.

I think of two things when I see this image. Immediately I think of the romantic notion of a nomadic life. The urge the arises every so often to just pack up and leave it all behind. To drop all my expectations and ambitions and melt into the scenery. The second thing I think of is a bit lighter, it’s the Guy Ritchie film, Snatch. “A caravan for me ma!” If you get it, you get it. If you don’t, watch Snatch and you’ll understand and maybe even enjoy yourself.

Photograph appears in A Series of Things 00002 – Mechanicsburg