Kepler Cascades, Yellowstone

We left Medicine Bow headed north towards Interstate 80. It was during this drive that I witnessed one of the most prolific sunsets I have ever seen. It looked like the sky was on fire in every direction. 360 degrees of unrelenting orange and red splendor. The clouds were at just the right height, with just enough variance, to make the drive a dangerous one. It was that difficult to keep our eyes on the road. And nope, no photos.

After a night in a telly in Rawlins, then an incredible drive along RTE 191 N, we arrived in Jackson Hole, WY. We quickly found our site for the night, a swanky-ass Motel 6 charging off-season rates. And I don’t use the term “swanky-ass” lightly. This was more like a Motel 60, than a Motel 6. It was ten times better than any other I have ever stayed.

After a restful swanky sleep, we left Jackson en route to Yellowstone National Park, specifically Old Faithful. On our way there, we pulled over at Kepler Cascades, a waterfall, or series of waterfalls, depending on how you want to call it, living on the Firehole River. Located on RTE. 20 just south of the legendary Old Faithful, they are an easy roadside sight to see.

Photographs appear in A Series of Things 00003 – Ranger East