A few months back I went through DJ Premier’s production wiki and listened to every track that was listed. Mostly it was boom bap hip hop, but occasionally there were outliers, like songs with Christina Aguilera and Torii Wolf, but it’s like 99% hip hop. I added every track that I liked to a Spotify playlist, Preem! Maybe I’ll make mirror the playlist and make it on YouTube as well, but there are a lot of other things I’d rather spend my time doing. Even if you’re not a premium member, you should still be able to listen. This playlist is meant to be listened to with shuffle enabled. It isn’t meant to be listened to straight through.


And wouldn’t you know it, not a month after creating this playlist, my day job called me up and asked if I’d be a camera op for an interview in Queens, NY. Guess who the subject was… DJ Premier. I played it cool all day. The consumet professional. I sat 10 feet away from someone who’s music has played a large part of my life for over half of it, while he recounted incredibly personal stories and dropped jewel after jewel. Then we wrapped. I was helping to put the cameras away and reorient the studio and I mentioned that I really wanted to get a photo with Premier. Dude who I was talking to emphatically agreed and we both set off to ask for a photo. On our way to find Mr. Premier crew member after crew member joined us in our unapologetically giddy plight. We found Preemo. He of course obliged. He’s as humble as he is talented.

Here are some photos that I took on the brief trip to Queens.