A Return of Sorts

Anthony Beaston - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - Fine Art Photographer

Well, I’m back, albeit after a brief hiatus of sorts.  I switched web services yet again, I reverted back to my previous host, and maintain my streak of not using the same service to host my photos for more than a year.  I bought a few new lenses, a 50mm for the a7ii and a 60mm for the a6000, and I’m ready to get things going again.  In full disclosure, I am doing this for me, and me alone.  There are things I want to explore with photography, and this is going to be the place they live online.

Regardless, I’m back, and plan to focus my energy on my site once again.  Except this time I don’t know how much blogging I’ll be doing.  In addition to sharing photos & videos created by others that I dig, I personally plan on combining two of the time-tested methods for conveying the human narrative, the photo album and, wait for it, the personal blog.  Hear me out.  Hear me out.  It was an idea born of my dual desires, to both print my work, as I currently have zero of my photographs on hand in this third dimension, and to increase my abilities of self-curation.

I plan to accomplish the first task by simply utilizing this blog you’re already reading.  I’m just gonna post dope ish here for your viewing pleasure.

Well, I guess that its for now.  Be easy.