Three’s Company

Broad Street Army Navy Store - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - fine art street photography
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - fine art street photography
Windows - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - fine art street photography

I’m not gonna lie, I tried to come up with a more better title for this series of photographs, but nope. Oh well. The title isn’t the important thing, unless of course you care about SEO and audience retention, and well… I guess I should have titled it “Fine Art Street Photography of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania by a Photographer”? Yeah, there’s something about that title. I’d read that.

Either way, I am having mixed feelings towards restricting myself to only sharing images in series of three. While it is definitely challenging me and forcing me to look at my photographs next to one another, rather than stand alone images, sometimes I just want to share my current favorite. But no, I must stay focused and stick with the trinity for the foreseeable future. That is until some things(s) change.

I’m also in the beginning stages of organizing and prioritizing all of the photographs I’ve taken within the city limits of Harrisburg. I have a couple special projects hugging the horizon, one of which will be an “event-ish” type thing where my photography will be available for view and purchase, in person! The exact details are still being discussed, so I’ll let you know as soon as I do.

Until then, peace & harmony as always.